• Working as 100% Garments Buying House / Agent.
  • Committed to quality production and customer satisfaction with minimum lead time.
  • Well-Trained and experience management/technical team with competent support staff having the abilities to handle complex situations and smooth execution.
  • Product range: All garments i.e. (Knit / Woven), children wear, ladies wear, kids wear, men’s wear, under-garments, t-shirt, polo shirt, trousers, sweep shirt, basic shirt, jeans, denim wears, tank top, pants, shorts, overalls, shirts, blouses, skirts, baby garments, fleece jackets, hoodies, knit tops, knit bottom, night wears, sweaters, etc.…
  • Regular training and development programs are rendered to enhance employee’s knowledge and skills.
  • If you need further more information, kindly mail to us info@fashion-imperial.com .


Factory Identification:
Fashion Imperial is sourcing factory based on their product range, financial status, infrastructure and environmental control, adherence to labor laws, manpower and efficiency of management , Information and Technological support.

Fashion Imperial Sourcing continuously update information on new manufactures and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of fabric, accessories, and new technology.

Factory Evaluation:
We take an extra step to source the most appropriate factory for our customers. Before selection, we thoroughly evaluate the Factory through following assessment:

  • Factory legal documents
  • Financial performance
  • Factory equipment & machinery
  • Factory productivity
  • Factory performance trend
  • Technical competency
  • Factory personnel competency
  • Factory reputation
  • Level of professionalism
  • Logistic Technological Support
  • Any Customer requirements required to fulfill.


Quality Assurance

Quality Control Mechanisms: Synonymous with quality, our products constantly set new standards for excellence in the industry. The cornerstone of our success, quality – is of paramount importance to us in all our operations. Through a strict schedule of quality checks & controls, we maintain a consistency in the quality of raw materials procured, in the quality of our manufacturing work, in packaging, in Shipment & Service etc.


Pre-Production Inspection

Before start the production, Fashion Imperial will counter check the raw materials, components, accessories and semi-produced products to check if there is any potential defect.

Raw material inspections helps to ensure the product’s safety, high quality of product that meets the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies.

Raw material inspections are flexible enough to be used as one-stop services to inform product or raw materials supplier or to form part of a program of inspections throughout the production chain.


Initial Production Check

An Initial Production check is conducted at the very beginning of production, ideally after the vendor verification process (factory and/or social audit) has been completed.

The objective of an Initial Production check is to identify defective materials or components prior to the production process, thereby minimizing the risk of non-conformities and allowing for timely corrections where necessary. It can also identify if your vendor has correctly understood your order, avoiding miscommunication and ensuring that any deviations from the customer’s specifications are addressed early.


Production Monitoring Service

  • We help to monitor your production procedure, making sure factory meet production schedule.
  • Fashion Imperial’s inspector will be the QA of factory and train the requirement of client to the factory
  • Check the product randomly on production line each day and issue daily report
  • Check the production plan with the client’s requirement
  • Give technical advice during the monitor process


During Production Inspection

Normally, it is carried out when 10-15% of goods are completed. Fashion Imperial inspects the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects. Fashion Imperial identifies deviations, if any, and offers advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch of product with good quality. Fashion Imperial will also re-check defects discovered in pre-production inspection and confirm if they have been rectified.


Final Random Inspection

Final Random Inspection commences when the merchandise is 100% finished, and at least 80% of products are ready and well packed. Fashion Imperial checks on safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, etc.

Upon this service, Fashion Imperial ensures the function and appearance of products are consistent and satisfactory to the requirements and specifications defined by client.


Container Loading Check 

Container loading supervision monitors the loading process and check on quantity and proper handling of the cargos. The container(s) being witnessed will then be sealed with Fashion Imperial lock. Upon this service, Fashion Imperial helps you reduce the importation risk of important cargos.