We have very strong dedicated team those are doing inspection independently. Most of the inspectors are haired from different reputed 3rd party inspection company.
Core inspection service is given below:

Raw Material Inspection:
Raw material inspections will help you to ensure that your raw materials will fulfill your requirement. RMI ensures a safe, high quality product that meets the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies. Raw material inspections are flexible enough to be used as one-stop services to inform product or raw materials supplier or to form part of a program of inspections throughout the production chain.

Fabric Inspection:
Our inspectors and technical team having experience on doing fabric inspection at fabric mills as well as in garments maker premises. We followed ASTM method (4 point system) for fabric quality inspection.

Pre-Production Inspection:
Before production begins, Fashion Imperial will counter check the raw materials, components, accessories and semi-produced products to check if there is any potential defect.

Production Monitoring Service:

  • Fashion Imperial’s inspector will help to monitor your production procedure, making sure factory meet production schedule etc.
  • Fashion Imperial’s inspector will be the QA of factory and train the requirement of client to the factory.
  • Check the product randomly on production line each day and issue daily report.
  • Check the production plan with the client’s requirement.
  • Give technical advice during the monitor process.

During Production Inspection:
Normally, it is carried out when 10-15% of goods are completed. FI inspector inspects the finished products as well non finished products for identifying the defects in early stage of production. Based on findings, corrective action plan will provide to factory.

Final Random Inspection:
Final Random Inspection conducted when the merchandise is 100% finished, and at least 80% of products are ready and well packed. Fashion Imperial’s inspector checks on product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, etc. By providing this service, Fashion Imperial ensures the function and appearance of products are consistent and satisfactory to the requirements and specifications defined by client.

Supervision of Container Loading:
Fashion Imperial’s inspectors are able to supervise before stuffing the shipment goods into final container. Container loading supervision (CLI) monitors the loading process including verify container condition, quantity check, product conformity etc. Finally, container will sealed by Fashion Imperial lock seal. This supervision will help you to reduce the risk of shipment.